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Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism


Universal teachings for everyday living.


The BRIGHT DAWN offers free, downloadable resources for individual spiritual practice. Feel free to use these programs and materials for your personal use. (Any other use requires written permission) If you find the material helpful, we would appreciate you giving us feedback regarding your use of the material and the sharing of any interesting experiences.

• A non-residential 80-week study program doing assigned readings, writing reports and participating in a group conference call every Sunday evening with fellow participants from around the country.



Daily Dharma -- A program to deepen individual spirituality and help establish an everyday practice

• Daily Dharma Program (MS Word version)

• Program Outline (MS Word version)

• 21-Day Agreement (PDF)

• SPOT (Special Place of Tranquility) (MS Word version)

• Everyday Gassho (MS Word version)

• Why Gassho? (MS Word version)



Home Religious Service

• Home Religious Service (MS Word version)

Telephone TiSarana -- Buddhist Confirmation

• Telephone TiSarana (MS Word version)

• Questions and Answers (MS Word version)

Guidelines for Personalizing Spiritual Retreats

• Spiritual Retreat Instructions (MS Word version)

Dial-the-Dharma  Dial (847) 386-8836

Recorded Talks: Dial-the-Dharma is a 24-hour telephone service offered by BRIGHT DAWN. Call any time to hear a short taped message by Rev. Gyomay or Rev. Koyo Kubose.


Family Dharma Resources

• Suggested books on parenting and non-violent communication

Lay Ministry Study Program