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Instructions for a Telephone Confirmation Ceremony


1. Tell us your spiritual journey "story;" i.e. religious background, what brought you to Buddhism, and what books and people have influenced you. This information will help Rev. Koyo Kubose in providing your personal Dharma Name. Your "story" can be communicated in written form or over the telephone. Please contact: Rev. Koyo Kubose, 28372 Margaret Road, Coarsegold, CA 93614; brightdawn@kubose.com; (559) 642-4285.


2. Set a date and time for the ceremony. Some suggested times convenient for us are: M, Tu, Wed, Th evenings, starting time between 7:00 and 9:00 P.M. (Pacific Time); or Sunday mornings, starting time between 10:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. (Pacific Time). If necessary, other mutually convenient times can be arranged.


3. After your ceremony date is set, please tell us how you'd like your name to appear on the

Ti Sarana certificate and cut several strands of your hair (optional) and send to: Bright Dawn Institute, 28372 Margaret Road, Coarsegold, CA 93614. During the ceremony these strands will be attached with a gold notarial seal to your Ti Sarana Certificate. This certificate will also include the Dharma Name chosen for you by Rev. Kubose. If you have a small photo of yourself, please include it when you send your hair strands to us. We will keep this photo in front of us during the ceremony, as a small way of personalizing the proceedings.


4. Suggested options


   * Establish a SPOT (Special Place of Tranquility) in your home. See "Why Gassho?" material. Use this SPOT as the site for your TiSarana Ceremony; prepare this SPOT with items such as candle, bell, incense, flowers, statues, pictures, sayings, etc.

   * Invite family or friends to witness the ceremony; share a meal after the ceremony. Wash up mindfully just before the ceremony; remember that water is a symbol of both purification and rebirth. Wear special clothes, not necessarily dress clothes but perhaps favorite clothing that has special meaning for you.

   * Engage in a short period of meditation just before telephoning to start the ceremony. During this quiet time, practice Three Treasures Breathing, which is simply taking three slow breaths. On the inhale, breathe in while pushing your belly outward. Make your exhale as long and slow as possible. Three Treasures Breathing is a good habit to cultivate. Use it whenever you want to center yourself. A calm mind reflects the truth that is all around you. Consider how the moon is reflected in a body of water. When the surface of the water is choppy, the image of the moon is distorted. However, when the water is calm and still, the moon's image is reflected very beautifully. Three Treasures Breathing helps you disengage yourself from distracting thought patterns so you can focus completely on the present moment. It is a valuable tool promoting clarity and tranquility. Doing this breathing just before calling us will calm and "empty out" your mind so you can fully receive your Ti Sarana Ceremony.


5. At the mutually decided upon date and time for your confirmation ceremony, you should call us at (559) 642-4285. We will be waiting for your call.

NOTE: Another telephone option is to use a special TeleConference number if you want others (calling from their home phones elsewhere) to listen in to the ceremony. If you want to exercise this option, let us know and we'll give you the TeleConference number and the necessary Participant Code number. You can then give this information to your friends and family members, who can call in at the designated time and date of your ceremony (adjusting for any time zone differences). The cost for this long-distance TeleConference call is only whatever the usual long-distance charge would be. That is, use a calling card that may charge only three cents a minute; or maybe your calling plan gives you free evening minutes, etc.


6. Please have handy the Order of Ceremony that follows, which you will need to recite from during the ceremony.


7. Any appreciation donation may be made via our Donation link found on our main page.



Telephone TiSarana Buddhist Confirmation

Click here for Order of Ti Sarana