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TiSarana Buddhist 

Our original rationale was to offer a Ti Sarana Confirmation Ceremony only to persons particularly interested in our Bright Dawn Center’s Way of Oneness approach to Buddhism. This would involve persons whom we came to know and whom we felt understood our vision and direction.


This perspective was broadened to provide the Ti Sarana Ceremony as a general gate to the Buddhist path. The purpose of the ceremony is to function as a personal expression of an individual's wish to confirm and deepen his or her commitment to the Buddhist path. Our confirmation ceremony does not necessarily imply that one becomes a follower of a particular approach or tradition. Although it is still felt that in-person participation should be encouraged, such participation can be difficult for persons who do not have easy access to a local organization. Due to the interest for an "at-home" confirmation ceremony, we have begun offering a ceremony via telephone for out-of-state persons who wish to have the ceremony in their own homes.


We were initially concerned that doing a confirmation ceremony over the telephone would significantly reduce the impact for participants. Yet, our experience has been that providing such a service meets a need for sincere persons who wish to have a confirmation ceremony. We were also concerned that providing a telephone confirmation ceremony would "cheapen" and lower the standards for such a ceremony. We would open ourselves to criticism from other Buddhist organizations. However, Rev. Koyo Kubose said, "That's the problem of other organizations; people's needs come first." Our confirmation is less an institutional standard and more a tool for individual spirituality.


We conceive of our telephone confirmation ceremony as a broad gate for anyone who wishes to confirm his or her religious identity. It should be mentioned that a confirmation ceremony is not necessary for a person to be considered a Buddhist. Institutional validation is not mandatory. Being confirmed is not required in order to receive Buddhist services such as weddings or funerals. People who are Buddhist because they were born into a Buddhist family rarely feel a need for a ceremony to confirm their identity as Buddhists. Perhaps because of the concept of baptism, persons coming to Buddhism from other traditions often feel the need for a confirmation ceremony. A confirmation ceremony is to be encouraged for all Buddhists, regardless of their backgrounds. Such a ceremony is an invaluable way to deepen one's individual spirituality.


To help personalize the ceremony, prospective participants might visit our youtube channel and  view a few video presentations so that he doesn't seem like a complete stranger when he officiates one's TiSarana Ceremony. Another option is to listen to some short recorded talks by Rev. Koyo and his father Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose., located on our main page.








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