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B. Hardy Weed


“On a quiet, sunny morning I was pulling weeds in a small patch of pea plants. As I pulled on one weed, its root kept coming and coming. Wow! The root must have been ten times longer than the body of the plant. I couldn’t help but recall my teacher’s description of his training. He had been a monk of low status and other monks made things very difficult for him. He explained that because of this, his roots grew deep within himself. From this I could see why his spiritual understanding could be so simple and sincere, and yet have such depth. That small weed taught me to look within and to root myself deep in the teachings. It taught me to disregard appearances and not to be misled by what is on the surface. I hope that I can become a small, hardy weed with a deep root.”


The accompanying haiku poem is:


Digging up

The small weed’s root

It’s long!



C. One Smiling Face!


“Anyone who has ridden a crowed bus during the summer in Kyoto, Japan, knows how miserable it is. One day I was on such a bus, making the best of it, when among the sea of solemn faces was one beaming young lady. She was oblivious of her surroundings and it seemed she didn’t even know she was smiling. She was so happy that the happiness just had to show itself. Her face lit up the whole bus and made my day. She will never know how much her smile affected me. Her smile said to me, ‘Be happy! You have the power to be the way you want to be. You create the atmosphere around you and carry it with you all day. You have been overly conditioned to control your emotions and have forgotten how to soar. Throw out your hands to the sky!’”


The accompanying haiku poem is:


A crowed bus

Aching, sweating bodies

One smiling face!


D. Code Phrase: Morning Glory

Capping Phrase: Live Like a Flower Blooms


“I was walking the dog on a quiet summer morning. We left the sidewalk to explore an empty lot. At the far end, among chunks of concrete and dried-up weeds, I was surprised by a single beautiful morning glory. Its brilliant red and white colors took my breath away. It was blooming with all its might, petals spread proudly to the sky. My first thought was, “Oh morning glory, don’t you know no one will see you here!” But immediately I knew that the morning glory didn’t care about that or about anything else; it was “doing its thing” totally. If only I could live like this, with no interfering emotions and concepts, with just a total, complete expression of my being.”


The accompanying haiku poem is:


Morning glory

Blooming with a shout

Here I am!



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