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Universal teachings for everyday living.



Translation: One Lifetime, One Meeting

or "Everyday is the Last Day"


Calligraphy by Rev. Gyomay M. Kubose  


Upper right red shoulder stamp is read "Chicago"


Ichi -- One


Go -- Lifetime


Ichi -- One


E -- Meeting



Signature characters read "Gyomay"


Lower left red "authenticating" stamp is read "Gyomay"


$30.00 -- 4" x 19"


Each calligraphy is mounted on a brocade holder and comes with a translation, explanatory sheet, and teaching commentary.


Teaching Commentary: A group of students were visiting the temple recently and I talked to them about Buddhist teachings. Afterwards there were questions and one student asked what the Buddhist way of life was. I said that it was to live each day most beautifully and most meaningfully. Then he asked what happens when we die. I explained that Buddha did not talk about such unknowable things as what happens after death. Philosophers may speculate about such things, but Buddha always said that the most important thing is here and now, how you live the present moment. This is important because all things are subject to change. Life is transitory; we should live each day the best we can. Then if anything happens there is no regret. Each day is complete in itself. Live every day sincerely because each day is the last day.