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Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism


Universal teachings for everyday living.



Our Lay Ministry Program involves approximately 80 consecutive weeks of assigned readings, writing weekly reports and calling in to a weekly small discussion group with participants from around the country. Email access is required. Other than purchasing required text books, there are no tuition fees. Heavy sweat equity is required and a commitment to writing reports and participating in group sessions every Sunday evening.


A three-phase program is offered.


Phase One: Introduction to the Way of Oneness

Discussion over a four-month period that includes books
by Rev. Gyomay Kubose and Rev. Koyo Kubose.



Phase Two: Lay Ministry Courses

Topics covered over a fifteen-month period include life of the

Buddha and basic teachings, Mahayana Buddhism,

Buddhism in America, and relating the Dharma teachings

to modern applications.



Phase Three: Practicum

Weekly small group tele-conference sessions will be held to discuss submitted written reports on assigned readings.  Each session will last about 60-90 minutes.  The start of the curriculum is the week after Labor Day in September and continues for about 20 months, ending in an Induction (graduation) Ceremony the week before Memorial Day in May.


   The curriculum consists of coursework and practicum.  The coursework has two parts.  The first part is foundational and consists of readings on Gautama Buddha’s life, basic teachings, and the development of general Mahayana Buddhism.  The second part of the coursework is Bright Dawn Center’s Way of Oneness approach as reflected in material written by Revs. Gyomay and son Koyo Kubose.


     The coursework is followed by a weekly practicum period, which involves formulating and executing individual Action Plans (personal mindfulness exercises) around everyday activities.  The goal is to develop a continually evolving daily practice and being able to see the Dharma teachings in all aspects of one’s life.  Participants will work on roughly the same theme, submit a written report, and give feedback to each other in tele-conference calls.


    Upon completion of the curriculum, all participants are expected to attend in person an Induction weekend at the Bright Dawn Center in Coarsegold (near Fresno, California).  Induction weekend is usually held the weekend before Memorial Day in May.  During the Induction weekend, a Saturday workshop is held on conducting religious services and an Induction Ceremony is held on Sunday.

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