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Bright Dawn Center Lay Minister Directory

Jiyo Andy Agacki Sensie

Milwaukee, WI

Contact: Phone (414)964-5391
Email: asagacki@hotmail.com

Services Offered: Officiating Weddings, Meditation Facilitator, and Dharma Talks.


Niko Byoyo Burkhardt Sensei

Montgomery, IL

Contact: Phone (630)-962-1285

Email:  nikoburkhardt@gmail.com

Services Offered: Officiating weddings, Dharma Talks, TiSarana, Funerals & Memorials.

Eastern Region


Below is a listing of current Inducted Bright Dawn Lay Ministers and the services offered, organized by region.

Central Region

Western Region

Morris Sekiyo Sullivan Sensei

Volusia, FL

Contact: Phone (386)738-3715
Email: volusiabuddhist@gmail.com

Web:   www.volusiabuddhist.org

Services Offered: Sangha Leader, Officiating weddings, Dharma Talks, TiSarana, Funerals & Memorials.


Sayo Shenphen Sensei

Hollywood, CA

Contact: Email shaku.sayo@gmail.com

Web: http://boundlesslight.webs.com/

Services offered: Sangha Leader, Officiating Weddings, Dharma Talks, TiSarana, Funerals & Memorials.

Ricardo Sasaki Sensei


Contact: Phone 55.31.9651.6369  
Email:  ricardo@nalanda.org.br

Web: http://nalanda.org.br

Services Offered: Counseling, Dharma Talks


Michael Shinyo Lawrence Sensei

Location: Canyon, TX

Contact: m_g_lawrence@yahoo.com

Web: http://shinyo-truesun.blogspot.com/

Services Offered: Coming Soon

Dave Teiyo Pangburn Jr. Sensei

Brookhaven, PA  

Contact: Phone (484)574-7538
Email  teiyo@verizon.net

Services Offered: Officiating Weddings, Dharma Talks, Funerals, and Counseling Services.  

Tamu Hoyo Ngina Sensei

Kutztown, PA

Contact: Phone (484)548-0867


Services Offered: Sangha Leader,  Dharma Talks, TiSarana,Weddings, Funerals & Memorials

Home blessings, Baby Naming/Blessings, Spiritual Friend.

Wendy Shinyo Haylett Sensei

Rochester, NY

Contact: SenseiWendy@rochester.rr.com

Web: suchnessitsallgood.blogspot.com

Services Offered: Spiritual Friendship, Coaching/Spiritual Direction, Dharma Talks, Workshop/Seminar Presentations, and Group Facilitation

Roger Seiyo Cochran Sensei

Jacksonville, FL

Contact: Email:rocochran@aol.com

Services Offered: Dharma Talks and Practice Leader

Douglas Sanyo Reagan, PhD

Quezon City, Philippines

Contact: dreagan@bellsouth.net

Services offered: Wedding Officiant, Life Celebrant, Dharma Talks, TiSarana, Funerals & Memorials.