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Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism


Universal teachings for everyday living.

The course will consist of select chapter readings and an end of week report submitted on Sundays for review by other participants as well as our Lay Minister facilitators. A special online discussion group will be set up in our online community for the class where participants will be able to upload reports and engage in lively discussions.

These reports are a way to reflect on the readings and develop a brief comment or statement about how that teaching made an impact on you.

The course will be facilitated by Bright Dawn Center Lay Ministers, who will also be available for questions, comments, or friendly dialogue.

There will be also be two teleconference calls for each course. One will take place at the third week mark to discuss Three Points that stood out during the first three weeks.

The second call will be at the end of the course and focus on the Overview and Five Points or “nuggets of wisdom” from all the readings.


You will be presented with a Syllabus for each book, breaking down the reading assignments, and an Order of Reports for the call in session. Upon successful completion of the reading and assignments, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism.


Additionally, we invite you to consider participating in our 21 Day Gassho practice to enrich your experience as you discover The Way of Oneness.

There are no course fees but  donations can be made to the Bright Dawn Center.  (Donations can be made on our main page.)

Please email us  (brightdawnsensei@gmail.com) to join our course or if you have any questions regarding the course.

Course books are available from our bookstore!

Discover the Way of Oneness course will be offered twice in 2018.

The next course is scheduled  to begin September 26,2018.

Space is limited.

Discover The Way of Oneness

Presented by the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism


Our twelve week Discover The Way of Oneness course allows participants to gain both an introduction to Buddhism but also a deeper look at the Way of Oneness as presented by the Bright Dawn Center. The goal of the course is focused more on developing a personal spiritual journey rather than scholarly study. Whether a seasoned practitioner or completely new to Buddhism, this course will be engaging and can surely add to your everyday spiritual practice.


The course is comprised of two texts:

Everyday Suchness

The Center Within