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Lay Minister Program Application

The Fall class of 2018 is now full.
We are accepting applications for our 2019 Lay Ministry program beginning in the Fall.

Click here for more information and application.

Application deadline is August 2019




Bright Dawn Center’s YouTube Channel

Watch Rev. Koyo online. Dharma for Kids, Dharma for non-kids.


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Current Oneness Newsletter

A quarterly publication that includes Dharma Glimpses, YES (Your Everyday Spirituality), and Books to order.
CLICK HERE for past Oneness issues.

Daily Dharma  

A program to deepen individual spirituality and help establish an everyday practice .

Telephone Tisarana

A Buddhist Confirmation ceremony to deepen one's commitment to the dharma.

Lay Minister Training Program

A two-year, non-residential study and training program.


NEW!!! A Bright Dawn

Visit our Bright Dawn Way of Oneness blog with new articles written by our Lay Ministers.

Featured Book

Bright Dawn Dharma Glimpses

is a collection of writings from the Lay Ministers of Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism.


Discover the Way of Oneness Course.
A 12 week course that introduces the Way of Oneness and Buddhist thought.

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